If Normandy were told to me... Monsieur S.'s Normandy Library in Deauville

mercredi 14 février 2024 11:00
Hôtel des ventes de Cergy-Pontoise , 41, rue des fossettes 95650 Génicourt
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Among the most learned Norman libraries, there is one that was compiled by a man who loved Normandy, and which remains without question one of the richest today.

Monsieur S. was interested in the history of his adopted country, focusing his research primarily on Calvados, but extending it to neighboring departments when it came to popular traditions or, of course, Norman literature, whose best authors he loved to acquire in their original or beautifully illustrated editions.

All these books can be found in their original bindings or, when this was not the case, bound by the best contemporary bookbinders from Normandy and Paris.

Expert : Cabinet VALLERIAUX - contact@valleriaux.com

Exhibition: Tuesday February 13, 11am to 5pm

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