From Vietnam to China: 100 years of Collection - Part 1

mardi 14 mars 2023 14:00
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Jean-Marie-Charles Langlois, (1896-1949) arrived in Vietnam in 1920. He settled there

and worked there as an engineer for the Construction Company of the Indochinese

des Chemins de Fer Indochinois. He was a senior engineer at the Indochina Railways

of Indochina from 1920 to 1949, he was a sinophile and spoke Mandarin.

Mandarin, he managed to build up a collection of Asian art which was repatriated to

repatriated to France by boat in 1946 by his wife and children after

his death. He ended his life dramatically in 1949 at the Col des Nuages, shot by the

by the Viet-Minh during a train attack. He was posthumously awarded the Legion

of Honor posthumously.

Jean Marie Langlois (1927-2019), his son, inherited the collection, and, from the 1950s, he continued it with

1950s, he continues this one with the support of his wife, in search of coherence

quality, in order to pay tribute to Jean Langlois.

The current collection thus brings together more than one hundred years of collecting.

Rediscovered in the family home, this collection that had been slumbering

for years is finally revealed to the general public for the first time in this first part.

in this first part.

Jean Langlois (1896-1949) arrived in Vietnam in 1920. After the war, he

decided to stay in Vietnam where he worked as an engineer for the Société

de Construction des Chemins de Fer Indochinois. In 1949 during a train

attack fomented by the Viet-Minh, he was imprisoned and executed on the

same day.

His wife and two sons came back to France in Burgundy near Dijon, where

Jean Langlois was a native of and brought with them all the works of art they

acquired during more than 30 years living in Asia.

Once in France, his family continued to buy Chinese works of art on the

French art market paying tribute to Jean Langlois's memory.

Jean Langlois先生 (1896 - 1949) 於1920年抵達越南,擔任中南半島鐵路建設









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