ATELIER GIR. Charles Félix Girard known as GIR (1883-1941) - ATELIER Olivier MATTEI

jeudi 15 décembre 2022 14:00
Génicourt , Hôtel des ventes de Cergy-Pontoise, 41, rue des Fossettes 95650 Génicourt
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Charles Félix Girard known as GIR (1883-1941) Painter, draughtsman, caricaturist, poster artist and sculptor of the Belle Epoque, he frequented the whole of Paris, which he sketched and drew (Debussy, Lucienne Breval, Gabriel Fauré, Messager, Paul Colin, Cocteau, Mac Orlan, Firmin Gemier, Andrée Mégard ...) as well as the dance classes of the Opera, the Ballets Russes (Pavlova, Karsavina, Nijinski ...)

Gir made the whole war of 1914, the last year he was assigned to the famous camouflage section where he found Raoul Dufy, Dunoyer de Ségonzac, Francis Carco, Poulbot, Emile Bertin, etc...

Montmartre, Gir is the friend of Villette, Forain, Steinlen, Sem, Courteline, Mac Orlan, Colette, Galanis, Roland Dorgelès, Jehan Rictus, Dorival, Poulbot and Paul Colin among others.

In 1930, he settled in Grisy, a village in the Vexin region of France, where his house was first of all his painter's and sculptor's studio.

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EXPERT OF THE SALE : Mrs Elisabeth Maréchaux, Cabinet Maréchaux, Paris.

In this first part of the sale of this studio, come and discover the work of a Parisian artist who left us in 2022, mastering sculpture, painting, mobiles and drawing with virtuosity, between surrealism, detour of objects and expressionism.

Olivier Mattei was originally from the Drôme, where he lived until the early 1990s. His ancestry is Corsican (where he will go every year), and Italian. After a brilliant secondary education, he obtained a Master's degree in public law from the University of Grenoble in 1986.

Self-taught, Olivier has always drawn or painted. He worked with most mediums (gouache, watercolor, pastel, oil). He also made sculptures and mobiles.

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